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SGA: Robin Hood AU for [ profile] team_sga's Team Teyla AU Fest

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Title: Teyla Hood
Prompt: Robin Hood AU
Warnings: look out for the crack ;)

This was made for for [ profile] team_sga 's Team Teyla AU Fest, specifically the Robin Hood AU prompt from [ profile] lovetheboys. Go to [ profile] team_sga to see some fantastic entries for this challenge. And it's not over yet! :)


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Enjoy the pretty. ;)

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Yes, another one of those. :) Manip plus wallpaper.


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And a wallpaper:

1280x800 || 1024x768

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I know, I know. I lose at thinking up original titles. :)

This is one of three projects I have in mind (I just lack some decent photos :( ). This one was going to look a little different, but, unfortunately, I couldn't find a suitable photo of Rodney. (I wanted him in a similar pose to Larrin).

Used various photos and screencaps from Travellers Be All My Sins Remember'd (quite obvious, which one ;) ) and Rodney's season 4 cast photo. But, don't ask me where I got it, because I really don't know. Looked for it on MGM, and websites and nothing. Oh, and John's season 4 cast photo (for the gun :-D ). The manip itself has three versions, because I couldn't decide on one of them.

Call it an AU. :)


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ETA: Made the manips a little bit lighter. Looked at it at work, and they were really dark.
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I saw the 12 Days of Teyla Love-A-Thon announcement at [ profile] teylafen and decided this would be a really great opportunity to finally make this manip. I was thinking about it for couple of weeks, now, but was getting sidetrack by pretty boys other things. What I had in mind, was to basically manip these two photos - one - two. Source: I think [ profile] mklutz post, again, but I could've gotten them from somewhere else. I don't exactly remember. Anyway, I love those candles (snoring Ronon, too, but I had to cut him out ;) ), and Teyla's clothing and wanted to make something out of those two images.

As it turned out, I used over twenty screencaps from 3x12 Echoes to make the background (floor, walls, etc.). Perspective of the whole thing is probably shot, because of it. It was a nightmare (and then I realized, it was the same room, where John, Ronon and Teyla stick fight and I have a high resolution photos on my hdd. But, as I've already finished, I could only slap myself for my stupidity).

Anyway, here it is. Together with a wallpaper, both 1024x786 and 1280x800px.  For them, I've also used hq images from 1x13 Hot Zone. From the late NewAtlantis.Net.


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Utter crack. I would have never admitted I've made it, if it wasn't so pretty. ;) John Sheppard, The Vampire Count of Atlantis? Whatever. As I said before, I blame this on alcohol. :)

# promotional photo of Sheppard from NewAtlantis.Net (I cut his head ;P ),
# high resolution screencap of Atlantis from episode Lifeline made, I believe, by [ profile] velocitygrass,
# drawing of Dracula found via I don't know, who made it, but it's this one,
# Photoshop brushes (bats) (1) by Kencho (2) by wyckedBrush.

It looks like it's painted, but it's all Photoshop. The Dracula's drawing dictated the style. Head+hair+skin were the worst part. Added the second moon, the bats, recoloured the whole thing, so that everything would look like it belongs. Slept on it. Posted. The End.


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(aka the whole damn thing)

1024x786 || 1280x800

Comments?  *hides*
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This has nothing to do with the episode, in case you're wondering. Just something I thought about when I browsed through my pic folder. Those two John photos, or rather his pose(s), caught my eye and this is the effect. This was supposed to be John&Rodney piece at first, but as you can see, nothing came out of it. :) I couldn't resist the WTF! expression on John's face. :)

# John's photo from The Return II episode (at
# photo of John from Michael (at [ profile] mklutz   journal, from rare season two images)
# others from & Gateworld.Net, used for the details (gun, walls, etc.)

Oh, and I discovered, that this thing looks awful on my old CRT monitor (I'm working on my notebook). Wrong colours, wrong brightness, far more darker. *sigh* Hopefully it's not the case with all of my fanart? *looks hopeful*


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This is a complete list of all my Stargate Atlantis fanart. Warning: Image heavy! Only thumbnails, but still a good number of them.

The list of resources is on my userinfo page or in the individual livejournal posts.

Spoilers for all seasons of SGA.

Note: I changed my username from charcoalgrl to aretria some time ago, so don't be surprised to find that name on some of them.

*is ded*


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What it says in the title. :) Nothing much, all in all.

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I'm posting this, tentatively. It's finished, but I'm not sure there's much of Rodney there. Especially because of the hair. *stabs* I used Jeannie's face and the only good pic of her was with the her hair down, so... curls everywhere. *sigh* But it's a good excuse of why Meredith looks so grumpy. They made her let her hair down for the photo shoot. ;)


ETA:  Added a wallpaper (1280x800px):

John&Meredith (SGA AU)
sga au logo | no logo

What I'm most proud of is the background, actually. :) Stitched from 'bout five different season 4 cast photos (Keller's and Carter's). Maybe I will use it to make a series of wallpapers, one for every character. Or maybe not. ;p


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