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2011-02-07 10:08 pm
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Fanart: Nerds. Spies. Supercomputers. (Chuck)

I was going to post this for the premiere of season 4 back in... I don't even remember. 
Work got in my way.

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2009-12-13 08:15 pm
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Fanart: Christine Chapel (Star Trek)

New drawing. Star Trek. Christine Chapel, not that she looks anything alike in comparison to the original. ;) Let's call it my take on the 2009 Christine. Manga style. Btw, this one's a little idyllic. :]


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2009-11-24 01:53 pm
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Fanart: Number One (Star Trek)

Some new fanart for Star Trek. Number One - Pike's First from TOS 'The Cage'. With some ST2009 elements.
I tried for something more realistic, so this one's less cartoonish.
Made with Painter11&Photoshop.


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2009-10-23 11:44 am

Fanart: Elizabeth Weir (AU)

Finally done! Half manip, half drawing.This was supposed to be simply Elizabeth, sitting in the command chair. Then it morphed into a more sinister AU version, as I deduced I'd post it for Halloween (yes, that's how long I took to finish this thing :]). Then I couldn't get my tablet to work with Photoshop and everything went on hiatus. Finished drawing it in Painter.


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2009-09-16 07:58 pm
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Fanart: Star Trek (various)

Some Star Trek fanart, I've done over the last month (or two) - with warnings for some crack  ;]


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Next on this lj: Elizabeth Weir. Finally. <.< And (the original) Number One.
(I am unable to draw something male, apparently. ;p )

ETA: Forgot about the reboot meme, in which I cheat and redraw some things from screencaps. ;)
It's permanently unfinished. Call it an experiment in drawing. With warnings for language. -.-


(click on pic - opens in new window - this thing is big)

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2009-06-25 06:56 pm
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Fanart: Star Trek

Because I loved the movie, and couldn't resist. Blame it on [ profile] st_xi_kink , if you have to. ^^
Made in Painter X, because Photoshop and my tablet are at war. It's a *little* different from what I normally do, as in, not a manip, but a drawing, *cough* manga *cough* style. Lines are a little shaky, but who cares. At least it's finished.


Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot, because seriously pissed off Spock is just too much fun)
Pairing: K/S, if you squint
Rating: G
Warnings: girl!Spock
Spoilers: Only for that one moment, when Spock turned into a woman and a PTB sanctioned making out of the K/S kind ensued right there on the big screen. In other words, none.


Spock is one really angry commander
(opens in a new window, because my layout is stupid)