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Some wallpapers for the newest star trek movie...


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In case someone was wondering, I'm still alive. Just a little under the weather, overworked and losing my interests in SGA. :( Anyway, here's some Teyla art, I haven't posted to this lj before.

.number one.

My BigBang 2008 entry for [ profile] secondalto's Teyla/Carson story "The Most Unlikely of Couples". I was in a mood for something romantic, and her story is, like, the definition of romance. ;) Anyway, that was supposed to be Teyla with Carson. Unfortunately, my manipping skills failed me totally. I had grand plans for some other scenes, too. Well, I ended with only this one.
Recources: stock.xchng || wedding dress from this image || the rest here


(click on pic - opens in new window)

Or on the BB page, here.

.number two.

My 12 Days of Teyla entry. I made a wallpaper. Here's the original entry, on [ profile] teylafen  community.


Available resolutions


Next, I'll post some old John Sheppard manips. And Elizabeth (from Dungeons&Dragons). I wanted to manip Radek, but couldn't, and frustrated, thought I would make Elizabeth first, to get in the mood. Well, Radek's still not done. :( I'm also working on one AU drawing of Elizabeth (half drawing half manip, anyway). Let me tell you, I can wip out a decent manip in under an hour. This stupid thing is taking me weeks already. My 'everything must be perfect' approach to drawing makes working with Photoshop pure hell. Thank god I found a suitable photo for background, because I would never ever finish it otherwise. If I ever will.

*is frustrated - goes to sleep it off*

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Yes, another one of those. :) Manip plus wallpaper.


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And a wallpaper:

1280x800 || 1024x768

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I saw the 12 Days of Teyla Love-A-Thon announcement at [ profile] teylafen and decided this would be a really great opportunity to finally make this manip. I was thinking about it for couple of weeks, now, but was getting sidetrack by pretty boys other things. What I had in mind, was to basically manip these two photos - one - two. Source: I think [ profile] mklutz post, again, but I could've gotten them from somewhere else. I don't exactly remember. Anyway, I love those candles (snoring Ronon, too, but I had to cut him out ;) ), and Teyla's clothing and wanted to make something out of those two images.

As it turned out, I used over twenty screencaps from 3x12 Echoes to make the background (floor, walls, etc.). Perspective of the whole thing is probably shot, because of it. It was a nightmare (and then I realized, it was the same room, where John, Ronon and Teyla stick fight and I have a high resolution photos on my hdd. But, as I've already finished, I could only slap myself for my stupidity).

Anyway, here it is. Together with a wallpaper, both 1024x786 and 1280x800px.  For them, I've also used hq images from 1x13 Hot Zone. From the late NewAtlantis.Net.


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Utter crack. I would have never admitted I've made it, if it wasn't so pretty. ;) John Sheppard, The Vampire Count of Atlantis? Whatever. As I said before, I blame this on alcohol. :)

# promotional photo of Sheppard from NewAtlantis.Net (I cut his head ;P ),
# high resolution screencap of Atlantis from episode Lifeline made, I believe, by [ profile] velocitygrass,
# drawing of Dracula found via I don't know, who made it, but it's this one,
# Photoshop brushes (bats) (1) by Kencho (2) by wyckedBrush.

It looks like it's painted, but it's all Photoshop. The Dracula's drawing dictated the style. Head+hair+skin were the worst part. Added the second moon, the bats, recoloured the whole thing, so that everything would look like it belongs. Slept on it. Posted. The End.


manip + wallpaper under the cut )

(aka the whole damn thing)

1024x786 || 1280x800

Comments?  *hides*
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Just added new version, this time without the fluffy snow.

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So, this is vaguely slashy (and fluffy ;) ) Christmas wallpaper (although John & Rodney don't seem to be in a very christmassy mood). I included both 1024x768px and 1280x800px (widescreen) versions.


ETA: Added versions without the fluffy snow.

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I was supposed to post these a long time ago. Both were made for [info]sga_wall community challenge Danger! Danger! back in September. Only one of them made it, though. And won me the first place. Thanks everyone! :)

dangerous galaxy preview

1024x768   |   1280x800

This one looks completely different from the original idea. The only thing left, actually, is the episode the screencaps are from. Defiant One. There are two versions, with and without text.

defiantone preview
text  |  no text
Both wallpapers are made entirely out of screencaps taken from and made by me. They're are 1024x768px. The next one (if my muses start cooperating again) will probably be 1280x800, because I have a new shiny notebook with exactly that screen resolution. *pets it adoringly* ^_^

ETA: Added 1280x800px version of the first one.
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And another desktop. I decided to make a wallpaper out of my lj header. It's McKay/Sheppard... finally. ;) It's more or less a bastardized version of season two promotional ad.

Resolution: 1024x768px
File type: jpg

not all gold - enemy challenge
( click on the pic )

sci-fi promotional ad for season two,
sci-fi wallpaper for season three,
mgm atlantis wallpaper

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Two more wallpapers. Both made for [profile] sga_wall community. They've won me the first place in Enemy & Season 2 Challenges :). Both are from second season's episode Aurora.

File size: 1024x768
File type: jpg

not all gold - enemy challengenot all gold - enemy challenge

( click on the pic )

List of resources: here
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